The Unconditional Love Animals Give Us
I like it,
but try to miss my nose this time

Alright you guys. One at a time please

I don't mind doing this,
but I wish he would spring for a padded stool

What the heck are you lookin' at?

Now be careful, don't drop that.

Hey, you're right. This is fun!
What all we puttin' in there?

OK, you're finally all together.
Henry, quit frowning!

Ok everbody, Group Hug! Annnnd...SMILE! Great!
Hey you three over there! You weren't even looking.

Wow, tomorrow we get to do this with skates!

I'm right here with you. We'll see this through together

Can you understand now
why we can see in the dark?

Mmmm! Hey lemmee hold it!

awwhhh, I love you too sugar.

right there! see it?!

There's a lot of emotion in this picture

We love each other, we're just chillin', and we're happy!

What!? I'm keepin' it and that's that!

C'mon, I'm right here. And thank the nice humans!

he he, this is great. I get this guy every time, it's a riot

I love you too darlin', but I'm trying to catch a cat-nap

I tried to tell you it's cold, but noooo-you never listen. Sheesk!

Now...this a classic perfect specimen.
Notice the alternating type layering of the grains.


He's been through a lot, don't come any closer