Birth of two hummingbirds.

Feb.8th, 2005 Mom is patiently awaiting the hatching of her babies.

The eggs are 13mm (1/2") long

Feb 14th This little "hummer" is doing something it has never done before!

A few hours later. Singing? or hungry?...

A closer view. Could it be hungry...or lonely? The sibling hasn't broken out yet.

Feb 21st, rain shower protection

They're both out now and seem to know each other as siblings.

Closer. Snuggling and comfortable. Don't they look content? I bet they're glad to get out of those dark, confining eggs.

Feb 25th / Fuzzy and trying to make the most of their limited space.

A closer look and we can see their pin feathers in detail.

A few days later and we can see color showing up in their pin feathers.

March 1st / lookin' good. Resting and waiting for feedin' time.

March 4th / huddling in the rain.

Just can't sleep, waitin' for dinner.

March7th (21 days old), the brave one has left the nest. "Bright-eyes" here seems to be thinking about giving it a shot.

March 9th. Both have left the nest. For comparison, the toothpick is 2 !/2" long and the penny is 3/4" diameter.